Peaks and Valleys

The Peaks and Valley Seminar is a 4-day intensive workshop meant for anyone who wants to get more insight into their personal strategies, as wel as insight in recognizing personal strategies in others, through verbal and nonverbal communication.

In addition, the participant will have the opportunity to actively work on reviewing and adapting their personal strategy towards a more efficient way of working. The unique Personal Nonverbal Repertoire becomes the guide to understanding previously learned decisions and strategies. With the use of video techniques, as well as the use of body oriented work, the perceived “logic”, subsequent decisions and strategies that made for the unique approaches to daily living are revealed; individual work is done towards a more effective strategy.

You are invited to join the professional workshop of Annemieke Meurs, specialist in nonverbal communication analysis. She will introduce you to the most interesting world of nonverbal communication as well as guide you through your change process over the weekend.

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€ 940,- excl BTW prive, € 1235,- excl BTW zakelijk.

september 2018

max 12,

Annemieke Meurs is partner bij INSA consultancy en is geschoold in non verbale communicatie en lichaamsgeoriënteerde therapie. Co-trainers zijn Michiel Karels, Saskia van Wijngaarden en Marjanne Karels.

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